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When it comes to hats the British are tops. Though hats aren’t standard anymore for leaving the house, if you’re going to be a guest at a wedding in the UK (or throughout most of Europe) you’d better start shopping for one. So, how do we understand this devotion to hats if we happen to be from the West? Personally I think the UK has a rich history of costume and keeping aspects of it traditional. Their hats have indeed evolved to an art form which constantly reinvents new trends. Besides, aren’t they kind of fun? I mean check out these gems. For ages I’ve wondered why more brides didn’t go all out for hats. Well, we’re getting close with the fascinator trend catching on the way it has lately. One last note here: bridesmaids have always looked awesome in hats. From 1920-1950 it was a popular option to dress the bridesmaids in picture hats, especially for garden weddings. Think about it as just one of your many options . . . .

Nigel Rayment

Philip Treacy

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Nigel Rayment

Nigel Rayment

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