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DYNAMIC DUOS: Pairing Up Bouquet and Gown

I think certain flowers have a particular significance for each of us. Finding an inspiration point and blending that idea with your dress is just the beginning of working one or a few colors into an overall theme. Size and proportion are something else to consider. Some of us like the idea of carrying a huge burst of three to four different kinds of flowers in an arrangement while someone else goes for the simplicity of a small nosegay.   Since flowers are a seasonal thing--tulips in spring, mums in the fall, your dress is probably going to reflect that too.  Above and below are perfect examples of adding a little spring chic: bursts of baby's breath combined with lace and tulle . . . 
The daisy shouts youth and whimsy.  For flower children, daisies were the official posy of the beat generation symbolizing The Summer of Love . . . The above bride is carrying a small bouquet as well as wearing daisies around her floppy-brimmed sisal hat . . .

Above: Ranunculas and anemones are a beautiful combo with this embroidered organza dress.  The pop of purple and lavender are the perfect choice to jazz up a summer wedding . . .
Below: Pink and tangerine dahlias go with this blush dress of Chantilly lace and tulle . . .
What could be prettier for fall than a white eyelet dress and bouquet of wheat?  I love the field theme here and how it all melds together . . .
Photos by Rob Martel
Pine, ivy and baby roses mix with heavyweight taffeta for an elegant  winter wedding. 

All dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum
Bouquet Credits
Stephanie Williams photos: JL Design
Title Photo: Victoria's Florals and Events
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