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 For all of you out there conscious about upcycling I wanted to share a shop I found on Etsy, the Portland based, Union Made Bride.  Owner/designer Alex Sandra specializes in making, restoring and restyling vintage dresses up to 1968 with an emphasis on union made in the USA.  For me all these dresses are a testament to true vintage elegance . . .Above: A classic bridal gown--an hourglass with nipped in waist in Chantilly lace. Below: A sheer top and sleeves over a full floor-length skirt--simply stunning . . .

This netting over taffeta gem above reminds me of something a young Judy Garland or Deanna Durbin would have worn in one of their films circa 1940s . . . .

Eyelets like the one above have always been a stylish option for summer brides and garden weddings; they're now making a comeback with the smaller, more intimate backyard wedding on the rise. Defined, eyelet is a light to medium weight cotton with cutout patterns of embroidery along the border. Pictured above, it is a classic summer time favorite for informal brides. 

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